• To bring together people with a common interest in the history of the neighborhood known as Old Brooklyn;
  • To collect, catalogue, and attractively display items of historical significance to said neighborhood;
  • To provide for housing, preservation, and safekeeping of said items;
  • To support and promote the cause of historic preservation;
  • To disseminate historical information to the residents of Old Brooklyn.


Membership is $10 yearly. Please join us in our efforts to preserve and share memories of our rich heritage by becoming a member of the Historical Society of Old Brooklyn.

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Contact the Society at info@oldbrooklynhistory.org or phone (216) 337-8200.


StorefrontVisit our Museum/Store at 3430 Memphis Avenue (just west of Pearl Road), Cleveland, Ohio 44109. We are open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from Noon – 5:00 p.m.

[Please note that that although we hold our meetings in the gathering room at Pearl Road United Methodist Church and they are dear friends of ours, we are in no way affiliated and cannot be reached there. To reach us, please call (216) 337-8200, or email info@oldbrooklynhistory.org or visit the Museum.]


In 1982 a group of people from the Old Brooklyn neighborhood met together at The Glenn Restaurant with the purpose of forming a historical society in this area. They named their group the Four Corners Guild.

In March 1986 the Four Corners Guild filed an Articles of Incorporation with the State of Ohio and changed its name to the Historical Society of Old Brooklyn.

The group has continued to be in existence since its inception, and today it is a growing and vital organization that hopes to help in the revitalization of Old Brooklyn.