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The Old Brooklyn News has been published by the Old Brooklyn Community Developement Corporation (OBCDC) since 1978. The HSOB is pleased to present this partial archive of past issues with permission. For the most current issues, visit oldbrooklyn.com.

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2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
January 6.3MB January 11.3MB January 12.2MB January 13.1MB January 8.9MB
February 5.9MB February 8.2MB February 7.7MB February 8.9MB February 5.8MB
March 6.8MB March 9.9MB March 7.3MB March 11.7MB March 8.1MB
April 6.8MB April 8.1MB April 7.9MB April 10MB April 6.9MB
May 8.5MB May 9.1MB May 6.9MB May 8MB May 6.0MB
June 8.4MB June 14.1MB June 8MB June 10MB June 6.0MB
July 9MB July 9.3MB July 17.5MB July 8.3MB July 6.4MB
August 9.5MB August 9MB August 14.5MB August 8.1MB  
September 10MB September 8.9MB September 8.9MB September 8.5MB  
October 8.5MB October 7.89MB October 12.3MB October 10.3MB  
November 9.9MB November 8.4MB November 11.3MB November 10MB  
December 2.4MB December 8.6MB December 12.7MB December 7.7MB  
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
January 5.8MB January 5.7MB January 9.4MB January 6.7MB January 7.4MB
February 5.1MB February 6.2MB February 4.6MB February 9MB February 5.9MB
March 5.5MB March 5.7MB March 12.9MB March 6.9MB March 6.3MB
April 9.7MB April 4.9MB April 5.4MB April 8.9MB April 8.9MB
May 6.3MB May 6.8MB May 6.2MB May 10.3MB May 12.8MB
June 7.9MB June 6.9MB June 8.6MB June 8.3MB June 7.5MB
July 6.7MB July 8.6MB July 9.2MB July 11.4MB July 8.4MB
August 7.2MB August 6.9MB August 8.7MB August 11.1Mb August 7.2MB
September 6.7MB September 7.5MB September 7.4MB September 9.38MB September 6.75MB
October 7.4MB October 8.0MB October 9.1MB October 10.2MB October 6.49MB
November 5.6MB November 8.9MB November 7.5MB November 10.8MB November 6.21MB
December 5.4MB December 8.7MB December 8.6MB December 7MB December 5.7MB

The Old Brooklyn News (OBN) is a publication of the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation (OBCDC). The Old Brooklyn News is published here with permission from Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation.

The views expressed in the OBN are not necessarily those of its publisher, editor, staff, or of the board of trustees, officers, or commercial, residential, institutional or associate members of OBCDC. Reproduction of published material without the consent of OBCDC is prohibited.

Advertisers and Agencies assume all legal responsibility and liability concerning offers, artwork, and any and all text published in contracted display, classified or other advertisements. The OBN is a charter member of the Neighborhood and Community Press Association of Greater Cleveland.

For more information, contact: Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation, 2339 Broadview Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109, Phone: 216.459.1000, oldbrooklyn.com.